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Airbnb Hosting Challenges

As an Airbnb host, you will definitely face these challenges:

Setting Rental Rates for Maximum Profit

When you host, you need to set correct rental rates so you are earning enough money.  Then you must increase your rates to earn more money without decreasing your popularity among guests.  It's a balancing act that can leave money on the table.

Getting Enough Bookings

Nearly ALL Airbnb hosts are writing their descriptions and summaries wrong.  They use language like they are trying to sell the house...talking about granite counters, steel sinks, blah, blah blah.  This leads to less bookings and ultimately...less money for you.  I see it all the time and it is really kills many Airbnb hosting dreams.

Preventing and Addressing Bad Reviews

A bad review can really hurt your Airbnb rental business.  And it also makes you feel really upset.  I will give you many, many tips on how to reduce bad reviews.  Here's a free hosting tip: Leave a guest book and ask them to write something they enjoyed about their trip.  Priming them with positive reinforcement helps cut bad reviews.

Ranking High on the Airbnb Search

The hardest thing to do is jump the search rankings....that is if you don't know what you're doing.  I have tested and tried many different tactics to jump up and gain more visibility for your Airbnb listing.  You will learn all of those.'s all a numbers game.  More views = more money.

Our Personal Airbnb Story

A little over two years ago I (Evan) stumbled over Airbnb and instantly became magnetized.  I wanted to make this work for me.

I lived in San Francisco and that was a very popular market for Airbnb travel.  I hopped right in and got started.

I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning.

  • I didn't know what were the best pictures to show.
  • I didn't know how to attract more guests.
  • I didn't know how to optimize my listing for success.

So what did I do?

I worked with Jim and Symon and we learned everything there was to know about Airbnb hosting.

We tested things like response timing, thumbnails, titles, different amenities, and more.  You name it...we tested it.

What We Created

All that learning and testing we did is now YOUR benefit!

With our experience, and that of others, we created a replicable Airbnb Hosting system that we can teach to of all it works in ALL Airbnb markets.

The course we teach is applicable to all types of Airbnb hosts.  Ones that have single rooms and those who have entire homes or apartments.

To date, we have personally helped 4,000+ students through the course alone.

What We Earned

Seeing is believing.

We earned over $60,000 from hosting on Airbnb in one year.

Below you can see the earnings from the past two years of hosting.

Also, check out the AMAZING month in July 2014.

Again, we were in San Francisco and July was a peak travel month for our metro area.

In 2015

We helped over 100,000 Airbnb Hosts achieve financial success

How We Can Help You

AirBNB was a life changer for us and we want it to be the same for you.

We've studied the AirBNB market, have hosted personally over 300 guests, and have collaborated with 5 other rockstar hosts to bring this course together.

Maybe you have been hosting on Airbnb...for a few months, maybe even a few years...or you are just about to start hosting for the first time.

Either course can help remove the painful learning process of Airbnb hosting and start maximizing your profit quickly.

For existing hosts, it will teach you how to optimize your listing so you are earning the most income with the least amount of time input.

For newer hosts, it will teach you ALL of the best practices and tips so you can start ahead of the competition in your local area.

Use Our Expertise

Learning all of the expert best practices for Airbnb hosting ONLY comes with time and experience.  This is something we have a lot of.

We have been hosting on Airbnb over the past 3 years and have helped over 4,000 hosts earn MORE money on Airbnb.

One thing we quickly realized is that Airbnb Hosting is NOT just about making the most money from your unit, instead...

Effectively hosting on Airbnb is about making the MOST money with the LEAST amount of time.

Communicating with guests, checking them in and out, cleaning up, and ALL take up your precious time.

A Solution For You

What we did is take ALL of our personal experience with our own Airbnb rentals and combined that with ALL of the experience of the hosts we have helped, and we made the most comprehensive Airbnb hosting course ever created.

Literally, it is a step-by-step that will show you how to make MORE money from Airbnb hosting with LESS effort.

If you want to remove the painful learning curve of Airbnb hosting, then this course is for you!

We will teach you...

  • How to increase daily rental revenue
  • How to reduce your maintenance costs/time
  • How to reduce guest issues
  • How to earn 5-Star reviews from EVERY guest
  • How to write the BEST title and descriptions
  • How to take engaging pictures that GET bookings

You will also learn how to...

Long list...lots of things you will learn.

  • Immediately apply changes to your listing and see the results overnight
  • Get FEATURED by Airbnb
  • Identify areas and amenities that can be added to dramatically increase the value of your listing
  • Take Airbnb quality photos without a professional photo team
  • Pick the thumbnail that creates the most interest and views of your property
  • Use everyday free software to enhance your listing photos
  • Scope out their competition and identify your listing's market potential
  • Write listing descriptions that grab bookings
  • Write the perfect title for YOUR space and get attention
  • Show up on the first page of Airbnb search
  • CORRECTLY set cleaning fees and minimum night restrictions
  • Find the right long term cleaning arrangement
  • Use house rules and extra people fees to their advantage
  • Maximize income with other sources like VRBO, Roomorama
  • Travel abroad without internet connection and have their Airbnb run itself
  • Prevent burnout by choosing and limiting guest interaction
  • Learn fun and cheap ways of guaranteeing 5 star reviews
  • Save $100s of dollars a year on towels & linens
  • Integrate useful free Airbnb tools for extra help and automation
  • Correctly use your host review and prevent 90% of bad reviews before they even happen
  • Manage your property while you're away and remove the maintanence
  • Use the "augmentable amenities" strategy to grab bookings you otherwise would lose
  • Manage your homesharing taxes and comply with the 2015 IRS guidelines
  • Correctly price their listing in a way that can get bookings even without reviews
  • Learn how to meet great people and have fun with your guests

....and much, much more!

Proven Results

We KNOW these hosting tips & tricks work because we them use on our own successful Airbnb units.

AND...we have helped Airbnb hosts ALL OVER THE WORLD with these same techniques.

Whether you're in the United States, Australia, Thailand, Europe, or anywhere else...this WILL work for you!

You can learn from our testing, trials, and even our mistakes without making them yourself.

This course will save you precious time and money!

We've taught these same tricks to thousands of other Airbnb hosts who started out just like you, but are now earning MORE passive income with Airbnb.

When you buy the course today, you will be joining a smart group of people that are ready to succeed.

Experience Airbnb Hosting Success

Around the Globe

The materials we teach in our course can be used in ANY country that Airbnb hosts operate in.  From the USA, UK, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, and beyond...we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The sooner you learn the smart way to host, the sooner you will maximize your effort.

Our course has over 11+ hours of HD video lectures, cheat sheets, special offers, and more.

  • Personalized Airbnb Coaching and Support

Need someone to review your listing?  How about give you advice on pictures?

Or do you have a unique question that hasn't been answered yet?

Then that's what we are here for. !

My team and I will help you every step of the way.  From starting your first listing, to growing your Airbnb business...we can coach you through it all.

You put in the effort and you will succeed.

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ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to the Airbnb Hosting Course At 82% OFF!

Become a Smarter Airbnb Host Today!

Only $99  $527

buy now

Note: You get lifetime access to the course and ALL future updates.

Recent Testimonials from Airbnb Hosting Professionals

These are peers within our industry and we help them achieve success as well.

Andrew Carlone of Coral.Life

Jim and his team have extensive knowledge on the peer-to-peer space, specifically Airbnb. They are extremely knowledgeable and full of practical insight that they share with the strong community they have grown. Plain and simple, Jim and his LearnAirbnb team are valuable content creators and coaches whose mission is to ensure everyone has a fair shot at success as an Airbnb host.

Doug Ross of

Jim and his team are fantastic collaborators and partners. They are focused on empowering Airbnb hosts with the best tips, tools and knowledge available. Jim is also a very passionate and inspiring guy. He is smart, experienced and on a mission to help as many Airbnb hosts possible. LearnAirbnb has some of the best content out there and are driven to get that content into the hands of anyone out there that is looking to make the most of their Airbnb listings.

Our course has been taken by over 4,000+ Airbnb Hosts worldwide

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Airbnb Listing Guide

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ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to the Airbnb Hosting Course At 82% OFF!

Become a Smarter Airbnb Host Today!

Only $99  $527

buy now

Note: You get lifetime access to the course and ALL future updates.